Measure Your Return on Investment

We realize that budgets are tight and it’s not always easy to get approval for training programs. Power Presentations Inc. has partnered with an independent company, the ROI Institute headed by Jack Philips, PhD to develop the Power Presentations, Inc., TOP Mastery ROI Calculator. With this one-of-a-kind tool, you will be able to:

  • Determine YOUR ROI for this training
  • Quantify YOUR ROI in real sales dollars
  • Determine the timeframe to measure
  • Prove that presentation skill training increases sales

About the Study

This study measured the impact our “Close That Sale . . . Be Undeniable” presentation skill training program had on the sales professionals from one of our Fortune 100 clients. This client experienced a 76% ROI within 90 days of their training event!

The extensive eight-month study took into account all aspects of the company’s training, including total training cost, skills learned to help close the sale, impact of other training programs, management impact, competitive environment, and knowledge of the customer. Most importantly, it compared sales after the training to sales from the previous year, which proves the training had a direct impact on the bottom line and significantly increased sales for the client.

Contact Sheri Jeavons today to learn more about this sophisticated study and how we can calculate your training ROI!

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