Presentation Skills Training

Whether you present standing, seated or virtually, we have it all!

    Business Presentations: Standing

    • All levels of expertise: Standing
    • Demonstrate power and poise through confident body language
    • Develop decisive audience-driven content
    • Create compelling PowerPoint presentations that tell the story
    • Personalized presentations coaching for persuasive, informative and technical presentation skills
    Present with Power: Program Offerings

    Communication Skills: Seated

    • How to lead a meeting to get noticed
    • Facilitate and manage difficult conversations
    • Enhance your executive presence to be seen as a leader
    • Personalized communication coaching for persuasive, informative and technical communication skills
    Communicate with Confidence: Program Offerings

    Online Training

    • How to lead a productive online meeting
    • Conduct engaging live online training
    • Embrace technology to transform the way you communicate
    • How to host a webinar
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    Communication Skills Products

    • Receive personalized coaching at our public speaking courses
    • Books featuring business presentation tips
    • Worksheets and checklists for effective presentation skills
    • One-on-one virtual coaching just for you
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    Free Public Speaking Tips

    • Communication skills training videos
    • Webinars to become a dynamic communicator
    • Presentation tips to reduce nervousness
    • Articles, newsletters and whitepapers
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