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Question and Answer: Four Steps to Manage a Challenging Q&A Session

Maintain Your Credibility: Four Steps to Manage a Challenging Question and Answer Session Even after you’ve given a great presentation, a tough question and answer session can impact your credibility and deflate your confidence.  But when the questions get difficult, you can still keep your cool and come out looking more knowledgeable than ever if …

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Three Tips to Enhance Your Executive Presence

Do you want to appear more credible during meetings or when proposing ideas to decision makers? Enhancing your executive presence will increase your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. Your executive presence is impacted by many facets of your professional brand. This includes how you look, your attitude, what you say and …

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Online Communication Skills For Live Online Training

Improve Your Online Communication Skills Increase Your Learner’s Retention by Putting Them in the Driver’s Seat Many of you are transitioning from face-to-face training to live online training and could use some help with your online communication skills. While it’s easy to focus on the limitations of technology and how disconnected you feel from your …

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Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content

Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content When people are trying to write great content for their presentations, they often become “stuck” and feel overwhelmed by the fact that they have too much information for the time allotted. They often put off writing their presentation, then scramble at the last minute to throw …

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Sales Presentation Skills

Sales Presentation Skills to Close More Sales Are you a sales professional looking to create a competitive edge? When your products and services are similar to those of your competitors, it’s up to you, the sales professional, to stand out with stellar sales presentation skills. In this 90-second video, Sheri Jeavons reveals tips to kick …

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