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Free Webinar: Beyond Slides: How to Effectively Deliver PowerPoint

How to Effectively Deliver Your PowerPoint Slides You’ve spent hours toiling over your slides and your presentation looks great! Now it’s your turn. Your next step is to effectively deliver PowerPoint slides to look and sound confident when you stand up to deliver that beautiful content. How do you banish your nerves and avoid turning …

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Free Webinar: How to Lead an Online Meeting

Tips to Lead a Productive Online Meeting Unproductive face-to-face meetings are bad enough! With many companies turning to online meetings as a more cost-effective way to communicate, meetings can quickly take over your day! If you’ve attempted to make the switch, you’ve likely discovered that leading online meetings poses a whole new set of challenges. …

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Free Webinar: Public Speaking Tips to Project Confidence

Public Speaking Tips to Project Confidence Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at noon Eastern When you present to an audience, you want to demonstrate public speaking skills that help you look, sound and feel confident. Your physical behavior plays a role in communicating your content, and it is important to use movement that demonstrates your enthusiasm …

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Free Webinar: Get Your Recommendations Approved in Ten Minutes or Less

Rock Your Next Recommendation Meeting Be Decisive. Be Confident.   Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at noon Eastern   How do you convince others to spend money when resources are tight? Attend this free 30-minute webinar and learn how to get to YES, whether you have time to prepare your communication or not.   It doesn’t …

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