Developing Your Executive Presence


Tuesday, January 29 at noon Eastern
When you propose ideas or recommendations to a decision maker, there’s little room for error. When you’re new to a position of influence or are trying to get your ideas noticed, you need to appear calm, credible and in control. The first step to accomplishing those goals is developing your executive presence.


During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn…

  • How to think like a decision maker
  • The most effective way to hold eye contact
  • Techniques to stand out from the crowd and get your ideas noticed
  • Ways to create your Ideal Image

This webinar provides actionable techniques that you can immediately implement to develop your executive presence,  get your ideas noticed and become more confident during everyday communications and high-profile meetings.


Join us Tuesday, January 29 at noon Eastern. Space is limited! Click below to register:

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