Tips to Lead a Productive Online Meeting

Unproductive face-to-face meetings are bad enough! With many companies turning to online meetings as a more cost-effective way to communicate, meetings can quickly take over your day! If you’ve attempted to make the switch, you’ve likely discovered that leading online meetings poses a whole new set of challenges. Colleagues may show up late, talk over each other, multitask, and leave you feeling disconnected. You need new techniques to learn how to lead an online meeting.

It’s time to change your communication style. You will leave this month’s webinar with solid techniques to lead online meetings that maintain your attendees’ attention.

This month’s webinar will…

  • Outline a two-minute introduction process to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Provide tips to set up for success
  • Highlight virtual tools you can easily implement to take your online meetings to the next level

Join us Tuesday, September 24 at noon Eastern to learn how to lead an online meeting. Space is limited! Click below to register:

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