Cheri Hampton-Farmer

Communication Consultant, Creative, Determined

Presentation Skills Training Consultant Cheri Hampton Farmer

Cheri Hampton-Farmer has been helping clients polish their communication skills for more than 15 years. Most recently, she served as associate professor and communication department chair at the University of Findlay in OH. There she enjoyed developing curriculum, collaborating with colleagues on research and organizational change, and working with the diverse student body. She earned a BS in Speech Education in SC then moved to OH for more education. There, she earned a CLA degree from Capital University Law School and completed an MA and PhD in Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University.


Her hobbies include photography, music, hiking, sailing, Yoga, and running. One memorable achievement was completing the Air Force half marathon with her husband and daughter. She also claims acting as hobby and one that informs what she does in training situations.


Her favorite contemporary authors are Malcolm Gladwell, Brene Brown, Cheryl Sandberg, and for a beach read, Nora Roberts. On road trips she listens to Guy Roz, podcast producer of “How I Built That” enjoying interviews with business owners and gaining inspiration about turning a passion for something you love into a career.


Upon a recent move to the Northern VA, to feed her love for early American history and volunteering, she is completing the orientation to become a volunteer at Mount Vernon. Her photo files are full of DC-area sites at different times of the year, but her favorites subjects are family members and friends having a good time. She prefers photos that capture joy in the moment over the picture-perfect posed shots.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Creative, determined, communicator

Career-defining moment

Career defining moments have come for me when I became aware that training, practice, or education would help me reach the next level of what I wanted to achieve. These experiences opened doors of opportunity and changed who I became.

Something unique about me

I am a Cleveland Browns fan and my favorite player is Chubb.