Rose Gabriele

Consultant, Soulful, Determined

Ranked SuperStar Consultant of the Quarter Q3 2018

Rose Gabriele has always felt her “zen” career was firmly rooted in communications and performance. She spent a large portion of her professional life as an EMMY award winning television reporter. She still does on-camera work and both professional and community theatre.


Since some of the participants she meets in presentation training are anxious about getting up in front of the room, it is her mission to show them public speaking can be fun! There is no better feeling for her than when a person comes up at the end of the program and says “I can’t believe I did it! This made my year!”


Because of her television background, she often gives those she coaches unique tips and pearls about how to be at the top of their game during their presentations.


Rose is still hired as on-camera “talent” and writes, produces, and does voice-overs for video. She graduated from the University of Akron with a bachelor of arts in Mass Media-Communications. Additionally, she has a doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine.


She lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and three children. They enjoy traveling together and attending all types of theatrical productions.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Spunky, soulful, determined

Career defining moment

Growing up, I dreamed of following in my brother-in-law's footsteps and becoming a doctor. I started college on a medical track, but quickly decided my love for communications and performance would define my major. I'm sure my parents were thrilled! However, that change would be the beginning of a most enjoyable career. And guess what? I went back and got my doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine, and practiced for several years. I continue to maintain my medical license. Combining the two careers has been valuable in ways too numerous to mention. It really helps me get a sense for what a person needs quickly, so I can best guide them on how to improve their speaking skills.

Something unique about me

I have an uncanny knack of getting rained on when putting my car through the automatic car wash. Even though I "think" I've closed every door and window, the spinning rags, flying soap and torrential waters always end up soaking me. It is like the most ridiculous sit-com you've ever seen! (But come sit inside my car, it's really clean...)