Whether you’re preparing for a high-profile meeting, a big presentation or just want to WOW your audience for an upcoming communication, we’ve got you covered. Our On-Demand Presentation Coaching provides:

  1. One hour of private, live virtual coaching to help you accomplish your specific goals.
  2. Access to our six-month TOP Mastery® educational webinar series. These interactive, conversational 60-minute group webinars cover a variety of topics (listed below).

 TOP Mastery Educational Webinar Series Topics:

Dates and times TBD.

  • Conduct Engaging Virtual Meetings
  • Proactive Solutions to Address Tough Problems
  • Communicating to the E-Level: Get to Yes in Ten Minutes or Less
  • Keep Your Cool When Responding to Tough Questions
  • What Your Body Language Says About You: Going Beyond the Six Key Physical Skills
  • Beyond Craft Compelling Content: Learn the 3-30 Process

Can’t attend a session? No worries! After each webinar, you’ll receive a link to access a recording.